Meet the people of Split

I will write about people in Split I meet every day. Share their stories with you and show you the beauty of my town through their work.
This is the story of Papec, the last shoeshine person in Split, and a symbol of resilience, hard work, and love for the community.
Papec’s parents fled from a concentration camp and arrived on the coast, where they fell in love with the sea, the people, and the iconic football club, Hajduk.
They decided to stay in Split and start their family here, and Papec’s father opened a small stand in 1955.
For over 50 years, Papec’s father worked in this spot, becoming a relevant figure in the community.
When his father passed away in 2007, young Papec took over the family trade, keeping the shoeshine stand alive and thriving.
Today, Papec is the last shoeshine person in Split and, as he proudly says, the last one in Croatia. He continues to shoeshine, sells the shoelaces, and connect with people, carrying on his family’s legacy of hard work, dedication, and love for Split and Hajduk.
Let’s honor Papec and his incredible story of strength and perseverance! When you visit Split, find him, his stand is hard to miss, just outside of the Palace walls, east from the south entrance.
Talk to him, and he will share incredible stories of the city and its people. Let him shine your shoes to help him with his business, and you will get the best out of Split.
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